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800 mining licences face revocation

OVER 800 mining rights holders have been given a two-week ultimatum to clear their dues or risk having their licences revoked.

This is in respect of their annual area fees owed to the state.
The Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development said in a notice that holders of mining and non-mining (mineral processing) rights should pay on or before the anniversary of grant of the mining right or mineral processing licence.
The Ministry warned that failure to pay would lead to the cancellation of mining or processing licence.
“You are therefore advised to pay your outstanding area charges within Fourteen (14) days of this notification, failure to which your license shall be tabled for cancellation without further notice pursuant to Section 72 of the Mines and Minerals Development Act No. 11 of 2015,” the notice read in part.
It stated that licence holders who had made payment already should provide proof of payment.
According to the notice, 387 large scale licence holders

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