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WHY has Southern Province with only about 1. 5 million people recorded a huge number of registered voters than Lusaka with a high population of about 3.5 million, the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) has questioned.

Southern Province has captured about 326, 187 voters while only 291, 721 voters have been captured in Lusaka Province.
YALI president Andrew Ntewewe said there was something fishy being done by the officers which needed to be investigated.
Mr Ntewewe said it was shocking that Chief Electoral Officer Patrick Nshindano could see the manipulation of the exercise by the officers but was busy defending them.
The current national total number of registered voters as of November 20, 2020 is 1, 640, 259.
Southern Province has topped the list with 257, 416 voters registered followed by Copperbelt with 238, 669, Eastern, 206, 224, Lusaka, 202, 155 voters.
Others are Western Province with 199, 236, Central, 119, 248, Luapula, 117, 414, Northern, 106, 296, North-Western, 103, 826 and Muchinga, 89, 775.
But Mr Ntewewe claimed that some officers from the ECZ were favouring Southern Province while disadvantaging other provinces.
He said in an interview yesterday, the ECZ had distributed more kits to Southern Province in order to ease the process so that more people can be captured.
He said this can be seen with the number of voters the province had recorded compared to the remaining nine rovinces.
Mr Ntewewe it was clear that some officers from the ECZ were from the reion that was the reason they were favouring it by distributing more kits so that more could be captured and come 2021 they vote in masses.
“We have been vindicated that ECZ is favouring one province. If you go to Southern Province you observe that the officers are only taking three to four minutes to capture the voters but here in Lusaka it is taking about 15 minutes.
So ECZ is trying to favour the Southern Province and disadvantaging others and there is no argument about it,” Mr Ntewewe said.

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