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UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema should immediately be sat down because the man’s continued usage of vulgar language can be attributed to nothing but that he is suffering from a serious breakdown, the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has said.
PF Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza said it was shocking that Mr Hichilema had continued to insult the Zambian people instead of telling them how best he would govern the nation given an opportunity.
Mr Mwanza said Mr Hichilema had nothing to offer Zambians hence going on rampage insulting innocent citizens whenever he was given a chance.
“We are concerned that HH can now resort to using vulgar language as a norm and as a way to campaign,” said Mr Mwanza.
Mr Mwanza advised Mr Hichilema not to take politics too personal to the extent of finding the usage of insults normal.
“This is not the kind of leadership we want but since we know that the opposition does not have any message and they have no manifesto, we urge them that ‘ndale simanyozo’. Let us learn to differ respectfully,” he said.
Mr Mwanza said it was unbelievable that the opposition was busy justifying their leader’s usage of unpalatable language.
“It is shocking that our friends from the Chansele (insulting) party are busy trying to justify his insults and if they are saying ‘PAMUNYOKO’ is not an insult, then we can safely refer to him as Hichilema ‘PAMUNYOKO’ Sammy Hichilema. You cannot continue insulting people simply because they do not agree with you,” added Mr Mwanza.
A cross section of society has however condemned Hakainde Hichilema for his continued usage of vulgar language at public meetings as such is not benefiting a person seeking the Highest Office.
And Mr Mwanza said Zambia would end load-shedding by next year and become a major electricity exporter in the Southern African region because of the K 30 billion investment injected in the energy sector.
Mr Mwanza said this was happening for the first time in the country, an indication showed that the PF government cared about the needs of the people. – Daily Nation/ #Smarteagles2020

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