‘Stop ferrying cadres to registration centres’

ALL Members of Parliament who are ferrying people to registration centres should stop because this is putting pressure on officers undertaking the exercise, Vice President Inonge Wina has directed.

Ms Wina informed Parliament yesterday that the exercise would be rolled to all parts of constituencies, therefore, there was no need of ferrying people to centres.
She said that officers undertaking the process were being overwhelmed because some MPs were ferrying cadres to the centres.
The Vice President indicated that no area would be left out during the voter registration period because the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) was aiming to capture the targeted number of voters.
Ms Wina was responding to Luampa MP, Makozo Chikote, who wanted to know when the ECZ would cover other areas where the exercise had not been conducted.
“The exercise will be rolled out to all parts of your respective constituencies and there is no need to ferry people. When you ferry people in large numbers at the registration centres, you are putting pressure on the officers,” she said.
Meanwhile, Ms Wina said the ECZ would extend time of operations in centres in all areas where there was a high population.
She was responding to Chimwemwe MP, Elias Mwila, who wanted to know whether ECZ would consider extend operating until 22:00 hours.
The Vice President also said people who intend to donate gensets to the ECZ should do so to quicken the pace of registration and beat load-shedding.

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