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I AM giving Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) 72 hours to take action against John Sangwa for telling Zambians to rise against President Edgar Lungu or else I will report him to police, National Revolution Party president Cosmo Mumba has warned.

Dr Mumba recently reported Mr Sangwa, a State Counsel to LAZ for allegedly telling people to rise against President Lungu if he tries to stand in 2021 because he was not eligible.
Mr Sangwa maintains that if President Lungu stood in 2021 he would go for a third term which was against the constitution.
But Dr Mumba said the claims by Mr Sangwa were misleading, therefore, urging Zambians to rise against the sitting President who was eligible to contest an election was criminal.
He said in an interview that if LAZ remains mute over the matter, he would report to the Zambia Police.
Dr Mumba indicated that people who abrogate laws need to be dealt with accordingly. “As National Revolution Party our petition against John Sangwa stands and we have not heard anything from Law Association of Zambia after the petition.
“If they think we are not serious on this matter we shall show them how serious we are because we cannot let people abrogating the law go Scot free.
“We are giving them 72 hours to respond to our petition failure to do that we shall engage the police so that he can be dealt with according to the law,” Dr Mumba said.

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