HH will fall – Sunday Chanda

THE dwindling political impact at grassroots level in the UPND strongholds and Hakainde Hichilema’s ‘unstatesman’ disposition is an assurance of his imminent fall in 2021, says PF media director Sunday Chanda.

Mr Chandasaid the recent by-elections had poked serious holes in the UPND in North-western and Western Provinces.
Mr Chanda in a statement said the writing was on the wall that Mr Hichilema was losing the 2021 Presidential elections.
“Firstly, the continued ascendancy of the ruling PF in areas which the UPND claimed were their undisputed strongholds, and fact the re-cent grassroots elections revealed is that, HH and his UPND have lost the hearts of the majority of our people on the ground in North West-ern and Western Provinces, among others,” he said.
He said the defections from the UPND structures and ordinary members were signs that Mr Hichilema and his UPND would fall in 2021.
He also accused Mr Hichilema of having promoted a culture of insults among his followers.
“In addition to the above-mentioned dwindling political impact at grassroots level in the so-called UPND strongholds, HH’s unstatesman-like demeanour has assured him of his cataclysmic fall in 2021.
“True to his un-statesman, divisive and tribal credentials; HH has committed political suicide by actively endorsing and managing a coali-tion of persons to insult the Mwine Lubemba Chitimukulu – with the Chief insultant being his Deputy Secretary General Patrick Mucheleka,” Mr Chanda said.
He added: “The majority of Zambians do not subscribe to HH’s anarchist, divisive, vindictive, regional and tribal politics because, we are One Zambia, One Nation.”
Mr Chanda said between politics of insults and politics of development, Zambians would embrace PF’s transformational agenda.
He said all Zambians wanted peace and development that the PF was implementing, not insults and regionalism.
Mr Chanda said the PF’s development agenda in 10 provinces coupled with the leadership of President Edgar Lungu during the COVID-19 pandemic, made it more difficult for UPND to convince majority Zambians otherwise.

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