…FAZ Executive will be remembered as the most successful, says Kamanga

FOOTBALL Association of Zambia (FAZ) president Andrew Kamanga says his administration will be remembered as the most successful despite having failed to qualify for the senior Africa Cup of Nation under his four-year reign as president.

Speaking when he featured on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview, Kamanga said it was unfair to judge the success of the executive based on the senior team’s failure to qualify for the AFCON.
Kamanga said his administration had scored many successes in the game which including solidifying the foundation for junior and women teams’ development.
“Everything we have done will now start showing in the next four-year cycle. So, there is no doubt that the things we have done in the first four years have been very remarkable,” he said.
“We are the only executive that delivered youth development for the first time that has never been achieved. Are we going to throw away all that success because we have failed to get to the Africa Cup?
“Is that the standard? Even the same Africa Cup, should we be going there to make the numbers? Or should we change the standard that we should now compete?”
Kamanga who attributed Zambia’s failure to qualify for the AFCON to the unending squabbles at FAZ said a lot of strides have also been made in the women game which culminated into a historic women Olympic qualification.
Meanwhile, Kamanga said the FAZ members will have the final say whether he will be re-elected or not.

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