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200 pupils cheat death

OVER 200 pupils at Isoka Boys STEM School yesterday cheated death after a hail storm blew off the roofs dormitories they were sleeping in following heavy downpours.

No pupil was injured in the incident.
Isoka District Education Board Secretary Malango Sichilima said the situation has forced education authorities to close the school two days before the official closing day for non-examination classes.
Mr Sichilima said the heavy rains characterised by strong winds blew off one dormitory while partially affecting nine other dormitory blocks.
“We experienced a calamity yesterday in which a strong wind destroyed some infrastructure at Isoka STEM School and this has affected about 200 pupils in terms of accommodation, therefore the school management has decided to close on Wednesday for pupils in non-examination classes,” Mr Sichilima said.
Mr Sichilima said the hailstorm also affected a classroom block at Michael Chilufya Sata Girls’ Secondary School that is currently housed at Isoka Boys, a metal work workshop block and the kitchen.
“Michael Chilufya Sata Girls’ Secondary School is currently under construction and the school has been given two classroom blocks out of which one has been affected making it difficult to observe social distancing,” he said.
And Isoka Boys Secondary School Parents Teachers’ Association Chairperson Clement Kipumbu has appealed to well-wishers to come on board to help renovate the school.
Meanwhile, Micheal Chilufya Sata School head teacher Sister Cecilia Chaponda has appealed to government to speed up completion of the school which is currently at about 80 per cent completion.
Sr Chaponda said pupils are overcrowded due to inadequate classroom space at the school.
She said the school has only four classrooms for pupils from grade 8 and 9.

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