Kudos to military police for arresting fugitive army officer

Dear Editor,
MILITARY police officers last Saturday arrested the fugitive Zambia Army officer, Lieutenant Nigel Mwaba at Lusaka’s Memo-rial Park. Lt Mwaba, aged 33 is alleged to have brutally murdered Dr. Tasila Tembo, a medical doctor on October 24, 2020.

Lt Mwaba and Dr. Tembo were in a relationship and they cohabited at the latter’s home in Lusaka’s Meanwood Ibex Hill residential area.
The couple on October 24, had an altercation. They were seen by the neighbours seen driving off around 16:00 hours. The relatives to Dr. Tembo later reported the matter to police upon realising that she didn’t return home.
The police found the body of Dr. Tembo in a decomposed state buried in Mikango Barracks’ area. Lt Mwaba after allegedly murdering her went into hiding.
However, the gruesome death traumatised the relatives of Dr. Tembo. This is because they didn’t expect their relative to die in such a hor-rible manner. The late Dr. Tembo was the breadwinner for her family.
Dr. Tembo formerly worked at the Ministry of Health headquarters; she was buried on October 28 at 16:30 hours. Her alleged killer, Lt Mwaba was arrested on November 28 at 16:30 hours at Memorial Park. What a coincidence?
Whatever Lt Mwaba went to do at the graveyard is best known to himself.
The military police officers have done a commendable job of arresting Lt Mwaba in connection with the death of Dr. Temboafter being at large for over two months.
Justice should prevail in the murder of Dr. Tembo.

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