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Govt impressed with export of local goods

ZAMBIA has recorded an increase in export of locally manufactured products to neighbouring countries, Commerce, Trade and Industry Permanent Secretary, Mushuma Mulenga has observed.

He said Zambia had been expor eting goods to the Democratic Republic of Congo and to some countries in East Africa.
Mr Mulenga was speaking when he addressed members of Livingstone Chamber of Commerce, Trade and Industry on Tuesday.
He said there had been a noticeable increase in exports of locally-manufactured goods in the last 10 years.
Mr Mulenga said the government had been engaging the manufacturing industry to share ideas on how the industry would want the ministry to assist them for the country to do more.
However, Mr Mulenga admitted that there was still a deficit between imports and exports.
Livingstone Chamber of Commerce, Trade and Industry is impressed with the approach the ministry is taking of engaging the private sector on implementation of the policies.
Its president Namakau Siyanga said such an approach would help the private sector to realise goals and would be able to measure effectiveness of Government intervention.

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