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Road sector agencies told to up game on maintenance

ROAD Development Agency (RDA) Board chairperson Samuel Mukupa has called on the road sector agencies to change the business as usual attitude and up their game on care and maintenance on public infrastructure.
Mr. Mukupa says the culture of maintaining public infrastructure is critical as government spends a lot of resources on the projects.
He says without the culture of care and maintenance, public infrastructure which government has put up at a high cost will go to waste.
Mr. Mukupa says professionalism and improving the public infrastructure especially the road sector agency offices is key for corporate image of both the agencies and the country.
He was speaking in Lusaka during a briefing with road sector agency chairpersons that are inspecting road sector infrastructure and Operations.
And Road Transport and Safety Agency Board Chairperson Cornelius Chipoma said there is need to seriously take care of the public infrastructure.
Meanwhile, National Road Fund Agency Vice board chairperson, Kaitano Chungu emphasised the need for care and maintenance and not let infrastructure get dilapidated.


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