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Teachers cry foul over salary scales

EMOLUMENTS for hundreds of teachers who have been elevated after furthering their studies have remained unchanged.

A number of teachers had upgraded their studies but remained on same salaries. Zambia National Union of Teachers (ZNUT) has demanded that the approved teacher establishment be funded so that those who upgraded their studies could be recognised and have their salaries increased.
ZNUT general secretary, Newman Bubala, said in an interview a request for treasury funding should be made and approved because there were so many teachers were faced with the problem.
“The problem is the approved establishment which has not been funded, you find that a teacher is working as a secondary teacher but is not upgraded because the establishment is not funded so the salary remains the same,” he said.
Mr Bubala said a teacher would upgrade from a diploma to a degree teacher but would not get any salary increment because the approved establishment was not funded.
He said once the treasury funds the approved establishment, all the issues surrounding teacher upgrades and salary increments would be resolved.

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