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State won’t tolerate skimpy outfits, warns Sumaili

GOVERNMENT has warned women and men who are in the habit of indecently exposing themselves to stop or face the wrath of the law.

National Guidance and Religious Minister Godridah Sumaili said Government was concerned with the increased number of indecent pictures being posted on social media platforms.
Ms. Sumaili said the government will not allow the values and principles of the land to be deliberately violated in the name of marketing products and services.
She said Zambia has set for herself through the constitution national values and principles to guide people in the manner they should conduct themselves whether in private or business setups and Zambia being a Christian nation has Christian values to be respected. Rev Sumaili stated that exposure of bodies by both men and women is immoral and unconstitutional and all Zambians should condemn such conduct. She urged product promoter’s social media influencers and sponsors of products and services to be mindful of the cultures they operate in and ensure they adhere to the set national values and principles as they conduct their businesses.
“Influence in society should be about positively imparting people and not violating people’s rights in the name of enjoying one’s rights.
“I therefore wish to guide the nation to respect our nation, Christian and cultural values and principles on which we anchor our identity and existence.
Socialite Mutale Mwanza caused controversy on yesterday when she posted a picture which she wore a pant and bra only while advertising a cosmetic product.
This is not the first time that the controversial radio presenter is posting naked pictures. Recently, she posted a picture in a bikini displaying beads at the swimming pool.

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