LET it sink in that Zambia has been recognized and ranked as one of the safest countries in the world. Fourth safest in the world and the only one in Africa. That is no mean achievement by any standards and only those who are perpetually jealous of their own country would not take pride in this development.
This is a commendable achievement for which government through the Ministries of Health and Toursim, should be praised. It is a clear indication that we are doing something right in the fight against the coronavirus.
Many countries are struggling to overcome the negative impact of the Coronavirus which has wrecked economies the world over. Big or small, all economies are having trouble finding a firm footing because of the many negatives brought by the covid19.
However, in the midst of all this and despite fears of a second wave, Zambia against all odds, has emerged as one of only six (6) countries in the world that are considered safe according to international standards by the WHO and UWTO.
Zambia has been named the fourth safest country in the covid era. In other words, these six countries, which includeing Zambia, are the only countries where someone can feel safe going despite the covid19 which is still ravaging the whole world.
After forced lock downs and implementation of health safety guidelines, many countries endured near break down of social services as hospitals struggled to save lives. The Italian president cried openly after admitting his country had been overwhelmed by the covid19 as thousands succumbed daily to the disease. Yet Zambia, with its limited resources but with a lot of hearty and dedication from health personnel, managed to stem the covid19 and to reduce it to manageable levels. Indeed the ride was rough and seemed insurmountable at times as the closed sectors cried for relief.
However, last week, Zambia recorded a milestone by any standards by named one the six (6) safest countries on earth in as far as covid19 is concerned.
ZAMBIA has been ranked fourth safest in the world in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the only one in Africa according to an article published on the Wego travel blog website, entitled “Safe Places to travel During Covid-19 Pandemic.
According to Wego, the Kingdom Saudi Arabia ranked sixth among the countries in the world with a classification based on the standards of the European Union countries to coordinate travel restrictions.
Of the 70 countries with sufficient data and testing, only six were ranked as safe for travel.
The classification was based on epidemiological criteria, regarding the ability of countries to contain the pandemic, achieve stability over a long period of time, and the efficiency of the health system, particularly, the clinical capacity for intensive care rooms and efficiency medical staff.
Australia ranked first in the global safe destinations for travel during the corona pandemic, followed by New Zealand, Singapore, Zambia, Cuba and Saudi Arabia.
But for some unpatriotic Zambians, this news seems to have rubbed them up the wrong way and are going out of their way to prove that the contrary.
Evangelical Youth Alliance (EYA) President, Moses Lungu has complained that people, especially politicians, are making political mileage by talking ill of the country’s economy.
Some people are all too quick to celebrate any calamity that befalls the country and the recent default on Eurobonds gave them an opportunity to do just that.
The fact that the country has recorded positive news with this recognition matters less to unpatriotic people bent on denting the image of the country.
Rev Lungu has wondered if at all such people have any good intentions about the country.
True leadership is about showing the correct way of doing things and not about gloating or going out of your way to create negative propaganda about one’s own country.
Patriotism is preached in many developed countries and yet here, people what to make unpatriotic actions seem as correct behavior.

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