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SOME motorists have called for the rehabilitation of the Ndola-Kabwe road which has degenerated in a deplorable state.

The motorists complained that no response was given by the authorities despite numerous complaints on how deplorable the road had become.
They lamented that the potholes were risking the lifespan of their vehicles making it expensive for them to maintain.
One motorist, Mazonga Mbewe, of Ndola said it was disappointing that the Road Development Agency could not work on the road despite noticing that it was slowly turning into a death trap.
“We will be experiencing accidents here if the situation is left unchecked and this will be unfortunate especially that it can be avoided,” Mr Mbewe said.
He added that once worked on, the road would contribute to the smooth flow of traffic and goods and services knowing that the Ndola Lusaka road was linked to other roads leading to Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malawi and Tanzania.
Mr Mbewe said that the earlier the road was worked on the better as it would save many lives as well as people’s money as they would not be required to have their vehicles repaired all the time.

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