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Voter registration extension a must – NAREP

REFUSAL to extend voter registration by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) will be an infringement on people’s rights, National Restoration Party President Steven Nyirenda has charged.

Mr Nyirenda said that the blame should not be on ordinary Zambians but the ECZ for poor planning of the exercise.
He said in an interview that the ECZ should correct the mistake and extend the period for registration.
The opposition leader said that the process should be extended to give chance to every Zambian to exercise their right to choose leaders.
“Not extending voter registration will be infringing on the rights of Zambians because the mistake is not with the people but ECZ for not planning well so they should correct the mistake by extending the period.
Mr Nyirenda said that the process should also start with mobile National Registration Cards registration which he said was also supposed to be extended.
Meanwhile, the NAREP leader said there was no problem with ECZ registering voters in correctional facility.
The ECZ has announced that it has no immediate plans to extend the voter registration exercise.
Meanwhile, Mr Nyirenda has launched a leaflet to encourage Jehovah witnesses to start voting.

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