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Dear Editor,
PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu’s determination to uphold the institutional independence of the various institutions of government has resoundingly been revealed by his recent guidance given to former ministers who were pronounced as judgement creditors for the emoluments accrued during the dissolution of parliament in the run up to the 2016 elections.

The parental guidance given by the Head of States to the former ministers to honour the decree of the Constitutional Court shows unwa-vering support for the institutions of governance.
The rule of law is indeed alive and thriving in the country and his recent pronouncement has added credence to his proven track record.
The former ministers who in good faith remained in office have so far shown cooperation and willingness to ensure that the decision of the court is respected.
President Lungu has shown consistency in demonstrating that the rule of law must prevail irrespective of whether it works to his detriment. There are a number of times his associates have found themselves entrapped in the hook of the law and he has always demanded that the law takes its course.
We are also glad the proponents of the judgement mostly from the left have also expressed gratitude that they pointed on the correct posi-tion of the law.
We also hope this watershed decision will constantly remind Zambians that the nation has credible institutions that can uphold the inde-pendence of the judiciary.
We also wish that they would learn from President Lungu to respect future decisions of the courts even were they do not agree with them. As an illustration, the former ministers had reasonable belief that they earned the salaries. However, in the spirit of the constitution our ground norm, there is no alternative other than compliance.
We are confident this will bring the culture of selective acceptance of the decisions. Respecting the decisions of the governance institutions should not be at one’s convenience but the greater interest of the nation must be elevated.
Once again, we wish to accept the decision of the court, we are also encouraged by the President who has elected to be firm even when that was to his detriment.
We now hope this issue will be brought to rest and the nation will now move on.

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