‘Avoid tribal parties to end tribalism’

ZAMBIANS need to end tribalism by voting against political parties that are tribal, Patriotic Front chief media administrator for social media Erasmus Mukondo has said.

Mr Mukondo said the 2021 general elections should end tribalism that has characterized Zambian politics since 2001 by some opposition parties.
He said some political leaders of certain Political parties are not there because of merit but because of tribe.
“Some leaders are totally a product of one tribe’s and pride over others, some opposition leaders’ rise is as a result of undermining the tenets of Democracy by demeaning one tribe over another.
“This coming 2021 Elections are here to end the tribalism that has characterized the Zambian General Elections since 2001, perfected and epitomized in 2006, 2015/16 by the UPND.
He called on the general public who are voters not to vote for individuals who would divide the country by being tribal and only supporting a particular tribal group.
“People should be careful when it comes to voting as some individuals have been practicing tribalism before they are voted into office. I wonder how they could be once voted into office. I can only urge people to end tribalism by voting for a leader who does not select but is President for all Zambians regardless of tribe, religion or gender,“ he said.
Mr Mukondo noted that the PF has continued growing at an astronomical speed at the Ward level or in all perceived opposition strongholds, such as North-Western and Western provinces.
He explained that the party has also witnessed a good transformation in line with party mobilization, discipline and commitment to party programmes.
“The party through the secretary general Davies Mwila has successfully managed to blend the old, the new and the Strategic competing groups hence achieving a peaceful party in the process.

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