M’membe denounces tribal voting


SOCIALIST Party president Fred M’membe has denounced tribal voting ahead of 2021 general elections.

Dr M’membe said there was no need for Zambians to promote tribal vote because this was not good for the country.

He said that there was need for Zambians to vote for someone in office based on merit.

Dr M’membe said what happened in the 2016 general elections which even prompted President Edgar Lungu to institute a commission of inquiry on voting pattern should not repeat itself in 2021.

He said all Zambians were one, therefore, they should not vote based on tribal lines.

Dr M’membe said citizens should champion oneness and vote based on the credibility of the person to govern the country.

“As Zambians we come from one place which is Congo. In 1600 BC and 1700 BC all people came to settle in Zambia are from Congo and our generation today we all come from Congo so we are one people,” he said.

He said it was high time Zambians rejected people who championed tribal voting which did not benefit anyone.

“This issue of voting on tribal line should not exist in this country because we need to embrace each other. Let someone who should be in office be voted by majority Zambians not based by tribal lines.

“We do not need to repeat what happened in 2016.

This should be a thing of the past,” Dr M’membe  said.

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