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...armed thugs were spotted during fracas


INFORMATION has emerged that unknown armed “thugs” in a white Toyota Hilux fired at innocent citizens during the fracas where a state prosecutor, Nsama Nsama and a political cadre Joseph Kaunda were killed in cold blood near Cabinet office when UPND president, Hakainde Hichilema was being interrogated at Force Headquarters yesterday.

The Hilux reportedly swiftly sped off towards Cabinet Office after shooting at people near the Ministry of Justice offices, where Mr Nsama was found dead in a restaurant.

The two were shot dead in unknown circumstances near Cabinet Office as the police fought running battles with hundreds of UPND cadres who mobilised around the police head quarters.

Inspector General of Police, Kakoma Kanganja confirmed the shooting of the two but that the circumstances leading to their killing were still unknown.

Mr Kanganja said in a statement that investigations in the shooting have been instituted to establish the circumstances in which the two victims were shot.

“We shall wait for forensic examinations so as to ascertain what type of firearm was used and the public shall be informed on the findings and way ahead,” he said.

Mr Kanganja also said 21 protesting UPND cadres were arrested for conduct likely to cause the breach of peace and that three buses which were carrying the protesting cadres were impounded.

He said Mr Hichilema was warned and cautioned for the offence of conspiracy to defraud.

“It is alleged that Mr Hichilema who introduced himself as a community worker based in Lusaka whilst acting together with other unknown persons, fraudulently purchased a property, Sub-division A of farm number 1924 in Kalomo belonging to the late Samson Siatembo, purporting that at the time of purchase, the administrator of the property in question consented to the sale by appending her signature when in fact not. This is alleged to have occurred at an unknown date in 2004,” he said.

Mr Hichilema who arrived at the Police Headquarters at exactly 10:45 hours was accompanied by his lawyers and security personnel while his supporters where blocked from accessing the Police Headquarters.

Minutes after Mr Hichilema arrived at the Police Headquarters, a horde of UPND supporters started mobilising and arriving in buses at the High Court grounds.

The supporters were singing and chanting anti- government and pro-Hichilema songs while the Police had barricaded the area from between the High Court Traffic Circle and Cabinet Office Traffic Circle.  Confusion ensued as Police started dispersing the cadres who started increasing in numbers and blocking traffic in the process as teargas canisters where fired in the air.

The interrogation of Mr Hichilema lasted for about five hours as the Police fought running battles with a horde of cadres that formed around the High court and Cabinet Offices areas.

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