Dear Editor,

SIX years ago in August, I started feeling sick but you know before that for seven years, I would feel sick and sickness became part of me. 

This time around, I couldn’t even drink water. Within a month I lost weight reaching to 37kg. I felt everything was falling apart for the first time in a long time. I had to sit with myself and stopped gambling with my life. I remember telling Dr Sinkala Vernon to do what he can to help me and that I will be a Good girl. 

Having poor adherence for seven years, I realised if I was to die my death will be painful because I have to reach AIDS stage and my immunity would have been useless, realised death is never instant when you are diagnosed with HIV,  realised I wasted  a lot of time in denial: Seven years of my life I can’t bring back,  realised how hard I was with myself, I realised I can be a good person towards my HIV positive life.

I told myself I will get better. My mind played a huge role in my recovery. Oh yah, people mocked me for becoming thin; well others were surprised how a healthy person became sick in a short time.

Within three months,  I got myself back on my feet and I realised sometimes, it’s only you who can rescue yourself. Later that year, I  came out publicly with my status because I know and still know that there is someone out there putting up a strong smiley face but can’t come to accept their  HIV status..

Look, yes, taking ARVs everyday is not easy, however life can be more meaningful if you accept your status.




(Courtesy of  Zambia Reports).

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