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UPND’s treasonable slur

on Zambia’s presidency

 Dear Editor,


I was furious when I read UPND provincial publicity and information secretary Neto Halwabala’s treasonable slur that the opposition party in Southern Province had as a matter of party policy vowed not to recognize President Edgar Lungu as the Head of State (“Lungu not our President – UPND”, Daily Nation, February 24, 2017).

Going by Neto Halwabala’s statement, it is difficult to know what to call UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s request for dialogue and reconciliation among Zambian political leaders.

The word ‘reconciliation’ seems to come most readily to mind, but whether or not this is an appropriate way to describe the August 11 post-election humbling of Hakainde Hichilema’s 5-time failed attempt at Zambia’s presidency to the society of Southern Province is highly questionable.

For it to be a true dialogue and reconciliation, any vestige of the

opposition party ought presidential denial or ethnicity to be removed in Southern Province.

What then follows is a clean start – a brand new non-partisan provincial civil service, new rules and non-partisan institutions of governance.

It is true that on the political front, PF does not control Southern Province.  Equally true is that, PF controls other seven provinces – effectively erasing the UPND from the political landscape in these seven regions.

Presumably, the UPND would soon find itself erased in Western and North-Western provinces.

Anyone with knowledge of UPND’s ethnic excesses while campaigning and voting in the 2016 polls in Southern Province would understandably be relieved at such a prospect.

For the good reason that the smooth dialogue and reconciliation between the PF and UPND top honchos is hardly assured.

So, how promising then is the prospect of a clean slate in Southern Province? Zero.

By all accounts, citing Neto Halwabala’s statement and the UPND president’s apparent call for a clean start of dialogue and reconciliation could then just be the beginning of a return to the immediate post-election past for the people of Southern Province.


Mubanga Luchembe,


South Africans are ungrateful people

Dear Editor,

I was shocked to see pictures of hordes of South Africans pouncing on a Somali foreigner whose shop had been looted. It was not enough to have ransacked his shop but they actually wanted to kill him. What kind of nation is this?

Sometimes I wonder whether it was a good cause that we supported the liberation of Southern Africa because the rewards hav e never come, if anything we are now getting into even more problems because our liberated brothers and sisters are looking down on us.

The very worst part is that the people who are attacking others are the poorest of the poor who should be fighting foe economic liberation because their country is still ruled and dominated by white capitalist capital. The problem is not the immigrant who works hard to earn a living but the bigger capitalists who earn super profits.

Immigrants have used their initiative to leapfrog the locals who are forever looking to Government for material benefit.

It is equally a shame that the so called Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) led by Julius Malema are forever attacked and embarrassing their President as if that is the main preoccupation of the party.

At this rate and without a proper direction South Africa will sink into a banana republic state because the people who should be guiding the nation are sitting back watching the EFF ruin the country and allowing students in higher learning vandalise installation demanding for free education.

Nothing comes for free. Everything must be paid for and expecting freedom Government handouts is the recipe that has ruined many countries including Zambia where we expect Government to clear garbage from our homes.

Until and unless the South Africans realise that nobody owes them a life they will continue to blame others for their misfortune. The violence against foreigners will not bring about wealth and prosperity but will instead create an atmosphere on uncertainty and fear that will chase away investors.

I would like to appeal to President Kaunda to address the leaders of the African National Congress who were resident here in Lusaka and other parts of Africa to remind them that we took very serious and calculated risks in offering them shelter to the extent that we lost lives and property for their sake. They should reciprocate by being hospitable to law abiding immigrants. There is nothing to be gained from blacks killing blacks or Indians, there is instead everything to be lost.


Morgan Mwansa

UPND and the Demon of Disappointment

Dear Editor

I now fully understand the behaviour of UPND and its leader Hakainde Hichilema. It is not easy to live a normal life when your hopes and expectations have been totally defeated.

According to Mr Ernest Angley of Ernest Angley Ministries this disappointment in our lives is the work of Demon of Disappointment.

Mr Angley says this demon can get very powerful at times if left unchecked, and in fact he is also a root demon! He goes by the name of the demon of disappointment because he pushes and causes us to feel extreme disappointment in our lives!

After the demon of disappointment enters us, not only will he torment us terribly in disappointment, but he will try to open up more doors inside of us.

That means that he will work on you day and night to try to get more doors open inside of you for his other friends to enter! By friends I am clearly talking about other evil spirits.

He sinks his evil roots deep inside of your soul, heart or mind while opening up more and more doors for his co-works/evil angels to enter!

This demon of disappointment is not talked about too much, yet he can wreck absolute havoc in our lives!

He will bring up things that happened in your past that just shattered your heart, or tore apart your soul, yes incredible disappointments that you went through throughout your life.

For me this speaks volumes of our opposition UPND hence its anger talk either by its leaders or other members.

So for as long as they can remember their painful defeat, they will NEVER see good in the current government and its leaders.

UPND 2016 loss was perhaps the biggest because it was HH’s last hope and with this talk of President Lungu possibilities of standing in 2021, it is like rubbing salt into the wounds.

So for them to declare that they will not recognize President Lungu as their President should be understood in that perception. They have injured souls. Unfortunately for them, it is too late. Nobody can change what has happened. Mr Lungu is firmly in State House until 2021.

It will still be bad if UPND will continue to cry over this election loss because if still harbour dreams of State House, time to work is now instead of everyday insulting Lungu. It will not help much expect to cheer up their low egos. Jay  Kabemba, LUSAKA


The truth of the matter is that UPND in its present form (regional) will NEVER win an election in Zambia.

HH should begin to sell himself in the other 7 provinces which rejected him, anything short of that, he should simply forget State House. This is the naked truth. UPND should not be synonymous with Southern Province or ‘Bantu Botatwe’ but Zambia.

This however does not mean that HH and UPND cannot reform and form government in future because the possibility is there if…

If HH and UPND begin to truly practice spiritual warfare, using JESUS this Demon of disappointment will leave them and begin to see things differently and more positively.

With time and Jesus, the wounds will heal.


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