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The Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) has appealed to all its founding fathers to stand up and help solve the mess in the former ruling party and guide it back to its originality.

MMD mobilization chairman in the president’s office Chiwele Maimisa said the expulsions and suspensions that have characterized the party have not been inspiring to the young membership adding that Zambians were no longer seeing any difference between the MMD and other parties like the Patriotic Front (PF) which are not principled.

“What some of us want from the party as young people is to be given hope that one day the MMD will bounce back into government but right now what we are hearing only is about this one expelling that one and that one suspending this one” he said.

He said founding fathers like Vernon Mwaanga, Sikota Wina, Michael Mabenga and many more should stand up and help steer the party to its originality by instilling hope in young members adding “What we are seeing happening in the party is the opposite of what we want to see.”

Mr Mainisa has also called upon the MMD NEC to urgently convene a conference and chart the way forward by instilling discipline in the members.

“The NEC, together with the founding fathers should take a critical look at the party constitution because we may never know that the issues emanating from the party maybe arising from the constitution” he said.

He said the party should also take another step in

trying to solve internal problems by inviting all the losing candidates at the last MMD elections so that they could help MMD president Dr Nevers Mumba with anything he is missing in providing quality leadership.

“I am also appealing to Dr Mumba as MMD president to find room in his heart to forgive all those who are speaking against him so that he shows leadership because a leader should not just be a leader for those who speak well about him, but a

leader is for all including mad people because sometimes, there is sense in what mad people say” he said.

Mr Maimisa said he was optimistic that if all negative issues affecting the party were sorted out, the MMD would one day again be the mighty MMD, as it was once called.

“The founding fathers must call for a national conference to be attended by all top members including the suspended and expelled members because strength is all about numbers” he said.

He said it was only through unity that the MMD could thrive back and give the Zambian people hope unlike the current situation where the party was divided and the PF was taking advantage of the divisions to weaken the party.

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