Ban Tujilijili, Govt. told 

Sat, 10 Feb 2018 10:43:44 +0000


THE Youths in Business (YIB) on the Copperbelt has appealed to government to consider banning the sale of highly potent spirits popularly known as tujilijili, due to the destructive impact the alcoholic beverages have on the consumers’ health.

In an interview, YIB executive director Steven Nyendwa said the government should urgently move in and ban the cane spirits, which were being openly sold in high density residential areas, because they were hazardous especially to lives of young people, who were the majority consumers.

“The government should act swiftly by banning the sale of these hazardous cane spirits because they are a danger to the young people,” Mr Nyendwa said.

He said it was surprising to note that most of the cane spirits were being packaged in 250 millilitre bottles in unknown places.

He said the spirits had ruined youths’ lives because they were cheap and easily accessed in densely populated places in various parts of Zambia.

Mr Nyendwa said even the spirits’ alcohol percentage was worrying because it ranged from 20 to 45 percent.

He said there was no major difference between the distillation used in manufacturing the spirits and the process used in producing traditional local spirit commonly known as kachasu.

Mr. Nyendwa said the only difference was in the branding and packaging.

He observed that most minibus drivers and callboys on the Copperbelt were in the habit of abusing the highly toxic substance during working hours, a vice that irritated commuters.

He advised youths addicted to the cane spirits to stop the habit as it was shortening their lifespan.

“I am confident that the government will heed our calls and ban these spirits to preserve lives of the young people who are abusing the alcoholic substance,” Mr Nyendwa said.

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