Beware of bogus political messiahs, Zambians warned

Sat, 27 Jan 2018 12:38:46 +0000


ZAMBIANS must be careful with a horde of political hooligans who are masquerading a messiahs and projecting themselves as solutions to challenges facing the country.

This is because their motive is to enrich themselves by usurping power by hook or crook, the Evangelical Youth Alliance has warned. 

EYA executive director Moses Lungu yesterday told the Daily Nation that politicians like Mr Chishimba Kambwili and Mr Harry Kalaba were nothing but impersonators who were scheming to hoodwink Zambians into believing that they meant well for the country yet their interests were far from what they were preaching about.  

“These are fake messiahs and impersonators who are promising nothing but to further their character of depriving the poor and the people who voted them so that they can enrich themselves. Their academic credentials as well as their intellectual abilities and capacities are questionable. They fall below par and this is why we need to support the legitimacy of the presidency that was voted for by the majority Zambians.

“Our appeal to the Christian community is not to be blinded by these fake messiahs who are projecting themselves as political giants yet they are using hooliganism to influence anybody as if they have anything of substance that they can provide as an alternative to challenges facing our country,” Rev. Lungu said.

Rev. a charged that there was need for opposition leaders aspiring to lead Zambia to give President Edgar Lungu the respect they would expect if they were given the chance to lead the country unlike the immaturity, bitterness, and pettiness they were showing.

Rev. Lungu said the church had observed the increasing levels of bitterness, insults, name-calling and ridicule directed at President Lungu by opposition leaders. He said they had converged under one roof to scheme the ousting of the current regime using undemocratic principles backed by disgruntled international organisations.  

Rev. Lungu said while there was nothing wrong with offering checks and balances and providing alternative solutions to challenges facing the country, the style of politics exhibited by the current crop of opposition parties fell short of what was expected of them.

He said it was sad that people who were very close to President Lungu and canvassed the length and breadth of the country garnering support and soliciting for votes in the previous elections had now turned themselves into political predators. “We may have differences in opinion but this immaturity, insolence and disingenuousness propagated by this bunch is too much to stomach,” Rev. Lungu said.

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