‘Beware of fake healers’

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CONSUMERS have been warned against falling prey to the services offered by “doctors” and “professors” with fliers rocking the streets of Lusaka, Africa Consumer Union vice president Muyunda Ililonga has said.
Mr Ililonga noted that Zambian pedestrians and motorists were accustomed to receiving fliers or leaflets that advertise the services of mysterious healers and magicians.
He had since urged Government to devise measures to protect consumers from commercial fraud by out-lawing that type of daylight robbery.
He cautioned consumers not to fall prey to such schemes because many of the services or treatments offered by those “doctors” and “professors” were not of a medical nature while others focused more on metaphysical aspects.
“Although the “doctors” and “professors” claim to originate from different countries, the services they offer are strikingly similar. What is on offer is generally treatment for sexual issues, emotional and psychological problems, security-related problems, social and interpersonal problems, medical matters and economic problems,” he said.
Mr Ililonga argued that it they claim that those services offered could make one pass exams, and yet one may wonder why they could not do the same for their own children.
He said according to a study that was conducted by the University of South Africa’s Graduate School of Business Leadership in 2014, it concluded that the claims by those “doctors” and “professors” were false.
Mr Ililonga said the imposters were operating in such an informal manner that they escape regulations and those that might have complaints against them fail to get redress as they were not registered and therefore not regulated by any authority.
“These services range from; protection of property, removal of evil spirits, tracing lost lovers, manhood enlargement, hips enhancement, recovery of stolen property to more economic issues such as winning lotto, delayed pensions, quick loans, magic wallet, promotion at work, passing exams, fame, becoming a billionaire, winning tenders, but the question is why are those people not billionaires?” he asked.
It is important to ask oneself that if those claims that they can make you a billionaire, why are they not billionaires themselves?” he asked.

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