Beware of false prophets-Minister

Mon, 05 Dec 2016 09:02:33 +0000


By Annie Zulu

ZAMBIANS should be wary of fake foreign prophets coming into the country with strange doctrines and theology meant to hypnotise believers in a scheme meant to extort money from them, National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Godfridah Sumaili has warned.    And Reverend Sumaili has vowed to bring sanity in the Church, which she said was currently scattered. She warned that Zambians should be wary of false prophets who were going around communities demanding for money and performing fake miracles. She told the Daily Nation in an interview that many people in the country were being robbed and abused by fake prophets due to desperation and lack of knowledge. Reverend Sumaili advised Zambians to follow what the Bible said and not accept anything that was unbiblical from prophets whose background was unknown and questionable. “We have seen prophets coming from outside the country into Zambia with all sorts of strange doctrines which are not biblical, but as a Christian nation our standard is Christ and Christ is the word of God, which is the Bible. So we follow the word of God, anything that is not supported by the word of God is not acceptable. “The Bible says people perish due to lack of knowledge, people must follow the word of God and not accept anything that is not in the word. Otherwise, they shall continue being robbed and abused. As a matter of fact, those people will put demons in you,” Reverend Sumaili said. Reverend Sumaili said her ministry would work with other institutions such the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Registrar of Societies and Church mother bodies among others to bring back sanity in the Church, so as to continue to uphold Zambia as a Christian Nation. She said she would ensure that Zambians were protected from fake prophets who were just after their money. “There is mushrooming of churches in Zambia, where the pastor does not even report to any mother body. It’s like they are just running their own show. This has to come to an end and we need order in the Church. “Zambia is a Christian nation and we will put a stop to this so that we can protect our people and continue to uphold ourselves as a Christian nation. We will work with other institutions on this,” she said.

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