‘Beware of new vending, nuisance law’

Thu, 22 Feb 2018 08:20:47 +0000


BE aware of the new law against street vending and public nuisance, Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda has told residents.

Speaking at the first sensitisation meeting held at Luanshya Municipal Council (LMC) civic centre, Mr Chanda said new measures contained in Statutory Instrument Number 10 of 2018 were aimed at deterring would-be lawbreakers.

Mr. Chanda said LMC had a moral obligation to ensure as many residents as possible were  well informed about the changes because the local authority wanted to promote law and order in supporting a conducive business environment for both local and foreign investors.

He said ignorance was no defence in law and that Statutory Instrument number 10 of 2018 empowered both council and State police to act against lawbreakers.

“It is important to note that the most effective and sustainable way to police crime is through strengthening preventive measures rather than concentrating on apprehending suspected offenders,” Mr Chanda said.

Last week, Government revised upwards penalties for street vending and nuisances by more than 16, 000 percent in some cases. The government also introduced stringent measures against those permitting a commercial or residential premises to operate as a brothel.

Spitting or vomiting on, or along a street or prescribed road, which previously attracted a penalty fee of 2 units, now fetched 333.33 units.

The Statutory Instrument also indicates that collecting levies from market traders or licensed public transporters for individuals other than the council would be punishable.

According to the revised Act, the sale of local produce in any street or public place, other than a market established by the council, or with permission of the council, would attract a penalty fee of 5, 000 units per day as opposed to the previous 20 units per day.

Occupying any brickyard, quarry, market, garden, or other land without any title, lease or licence would now fetch over 1,000 penalty units. The previous fine only attracted 20 penalty units per day.

The by-law, signed by Local Government Minister, Vincent Mwale further indicates that unauthorised tyre mending along a street or premises, operating an unlicensed taxi, unlicensed tailoring and parking of heavy vehicles in any unauthorised place would attract stiffer penalties.

“Wilfully or negligently extinguishing or damaging a street lamp, a lamp post, telephone or electric light wire, cable, insulator or standard supporting such cable, or causing interruption in the supply, without permission, will attract 16, 666 units from 20 penalty units per day,” the SI reads in part.

Meanwhile, preparing and selling confectionaries, bakery products or fritters, ready meals, fruits and vegetables in unlicensed vans on the streets or any other conveyances would now be punishable.

Throwing of garbage or effluent into storm drain infrastructure or open environment among others would also attract stiffer measures under the new statutory instrument

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