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ALL Zambians should live in the spirit of oneness and co-existence, says Senior Chief Madzimawe of the Ngoni speaking people of Eastern Province

Chief Madzimawe said people may differ over certain issues but the bottom line was that there should be unity of purpose

He was speaking at a fundraising dinner at the Government Complex in Lusaka in readiness for this year’s Nc’wala annual ceremony.

The ceremony will be held on February 24 at Mtenguleni Square under the theme ‘Ubuntu’, – a Bantu term with origins in humanist philosophy often used in a context of promoting unity among different social groups. Nc’wala is an annual thanksgiving festival of the Ngoni people held to celebrate the first harvest.

“The theme was created to send a message of unity throughout the ceremony, you may differ in one way or another, but the bottom line is that we are one and it is important for all Zambians to live in the spirit of oneness and co-existence above all,” said Chief Madzimawe

And Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Ronald Chitotela who officiated at the function, said that Government attached great importance, to the role of traditional ceremonies in preservation of cultural values and norms.

Mr Chitotela said adding that traditional ceremonies were useful platforms for the expression and advancement of traditional values and customs.

He further, said that traditional values were the glue that bound people together and that it was for that reason that Government continued to provide an enabling environment for the hosting of traditional ceremonies, through supportive policies and laws.

“The Ngonis have a strong militaristic background yet surprisingly, they are also one of the most accommodating and respectful people. They are known for practicing and embracing the theory of ‘Ubuntu’ which is the designated theme for this year’s ceremony,” he said

And Stanbic Bank Zambia chief executive officer Leina Gabaraane whose bank donated K100,000, said traditional ceremonies like Nc’wala symbolized something that the bank valued which was the preservation of culture and norms.

He said that the bank valued culture because, among other reasons, it had evolved to become a contributor to the economy and still carried a huge potential to contribute even more to the national treasury as well as reduce unemployment.

“Culture is something that brings us together, it defines who we are. We at Stanbic Bank recognise culture to be more than just a heritage, we view it from the light of the important role it plays in our society.”he said

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