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TRADITIONAL leaders have been sidelined in the proposed dialogue between politicians because they think we are primitive and cannot help unite aggrieved parties when in fact not, chief Chipepo of the Tonga people has charged.

Chief Chipepo said that traditional leaders would have been of much help in the proposed dialogue if they were included.

He explained that chiefs had since time immemorial been playing a mediatory role in different matters and could still do so at national levels.

Chief Chipepo charged that politicians considered traditional leaders as primitive when in fact not.

He reiterated that some chiefs were well educated, with degrees and doctorates contrary to perceptions by some sections of society.

Chief Chipepo said that traditional leaders were there to bring people together as evidenced by the fact that there was no segregation among themselves whenever they met.

“The Commonwealth at that level has tried to engage chiefs but politicians don’t want. If you are denying your father, where will you get wisdom to bring people together? When you find us among ourselves as chiefs there is no segregation,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chief Chipepo said that politicians should not only engage traditional leaders during a time for elections.

He said that chiefs could be of value in the proposed dialogue if incorporated as they possessed wisdom to unite aggrieved parties.

Chief Chipepo said that it was only chiefs who could sit down politicians and tell them that politics was not about hooliganism, fighting or tribalism.

“They should involve their royal highness to bring peace in this country, to bring harmony,” he said.

And chief Chipepo said that Bembas and Tongas were being made to fight for Presidency among themselves when other tribes were carrying the day.

He said that other groupings rejoiced when the two tribes were being made to fight each other and view themselves as enemies.

Chief Chipepo reiterated that in the same manner chiefs were able to coexist in the House of Chiefs and elsewhere, so should subjects follow suit.

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