Chilangwa reaffirms PF stability in Luapula

Tue, 30 Jan 2018 16:28:23 +0000


THE Patriotic Front in Luapula Province is intact and strong and not shaken contrary to claims in some sections of the media that the party was unstable.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr Chilangwa said it was laughable that some disgruntled people were scandalising the party to destabilise it but their plans had failed and were ashamed.

Mr Chilangwa said the party in the province would remain strong and continue delivering development as promised to the people.

He said the claims and attacks against the party were only making it to work hard even harder.

Mr Chilangwa who is PF Luapula Province Chairperson has since called on party members to continue respecting the party hierarchy.

“PF in the province is intact and strong and don’t be cheated by people leaving the party saying it’s unstable it’s not true but all lies.

 “This province belongs to the PF, ferrying people to a meeting does not make the ruling party unstable,” said Mr Chilangwa.

Meanwhile, Mr Chilangwa said government was speeding up the construction of the Luapula University, and upgrading of roads and new projects in the energy sector.

Mr Chilangwa said Luapula University which is also referred to as FTJ University would be completed in 36 months and had been redesigned to include the sports faculty.

He said the university would be the first of its kind to have a sports faculty in the country.

“When we re-launching the building of the university in the first quarter of this year, once we hit the ground it will be complete in 36 months,” he said.  

And Mr Chilangwa announced that over 50 companies had expressed interest in investing in the province forcing the local administration to plan for an infrastructure symposium next month.

He said Government was committed to ensuring that the fruits of the expo were translated into action to benefit the people in the province.

Mr Chilangwa said they wanted to create jobs for the local people and market where they could sell their produce.

“The investment conference was successful and we have realised that the success will be appreciated if its investment goal in the province is actualised. We want to ensure that all the investments that are coming in the province benefit the people,” he said.

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