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THE 63-year-old man of Kasonkoma village in Chinkuli, Chongwe who allegedly defiled a 13-year-old girl is on the run, an official from a local Non-governmental organisation (NGO) has disclosed.

This is the man who passed out after allegedly defiling the girl and the victim grabbed his clothes and ran for help to the village. When villagers searched the bush, they found the man covering his private parts with leaves.

While the girl was taken to hospital and attended to, the old man was not apprehended for some unknown reasons.

Mr. Charles Mulauzi the Zambia Centre for Communication Partnership (ZCCP), Chongwe programme coordinator told the Daily Nation that the missing medical report which had slowed down investigations had since been retrieved.

“The medical report which was not availed to police for investigations has since been found and the One-Stop GBV centre at the hospital’s Police post was handling the case. However, it is unfortunate that the perpetrator has gone into hiding,” he said.

Mr. Mulauzi observed that, elderly people who are supposed to be promoting good morals must not be perpetrators of such immoral acts.  “This case is an embarrassment to the senior citizens. How can a man of this age sink so low that he would defile a minor? We will follow this case until justice prevails for the young life,” he said.

A source who sought anonymity told the Daily Nation that, the elderly man was whisked away by his relatives.

“He had no intention of running away, but we are told that the relatives have moved him to an unknown place.

I hope they know that they are actually committing a criminal offence as well. We feel pity for him, but he must face the consequences of his own wrongs. We should not aid perpetrators of such barbaric acts to escape the wrath of the law” he said.

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