Church censures change critics 

Mon, 19 Feb 2018 10:56:30 +0000


IT is sad that some opposition political parties have sunk so low to the extent of making unnecessary attacks against President Lungu even on issues where he means well, says Church of God Cathedral of Miracles Presiding Bishop Naison Nyonyo.

And Bishop Nyonyo has called on the Patriotic Front (PF) and the opposition to bury their differences and put Zambia above everything.

In an interview in Lusaka, Bishop Nyonyo said it was unnecessary for some critics to attack Mr. Lungu for reshuffling his Cabinet because the decision was within his constitutional powers.

“This is very sad, why attacking the President’s reshuffles? It is the prerogative of the President, he has the right to appoint and disappoint. Those are constitutional powers of the President and I want to tell them that the church will not entertain people who are just waking up to attack an innocent man.

“The work of the opposition is to complement the government of the day and for more foreign investment to come, we need to have a humble nation. Attacking the President because of reshuffles does not mean anything. Why didn’t they attack the President when he appointed the ministers? Let the opposition be humble enough and respect the Head of State. We will not be doing anything if our desire is to unleash unnecessary attacks against the President,” Bishop Nyonyo said.

He added that since Zambia was a democratic State, there was need for the ruling party and other political players to dialogue in moving the country forward

“It is very vital for the ruling party to understand that we should not have a situation where we cannot talk to each other. But if the political parties are always attacking the President, they are trying to bring something that cannot give us better things in terms of talking to each other. There is no enmity because they all have one thing in common and this is to serve the people. If the leaders cannot meet and talk to each other it is very dangerous.

“As the church our desire is for the peace of the nation to be first. Many countries are in problems today but in those countries where people were able to dialogue, they have managed to come up with tangible solutions,” he said.

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