Civic leader cautions road encroacherss

Fri, 23 Feb 2018 09:13:43 +0000


A CIVIC leader in Lusaka’s Kanyama compound has cautioned residents who have encroached on the road land
reserves that they risked having their structures demolished.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Harry Mwaanga NKumbula ward 11 Councillor, Lackson Sakala said that the choice was now left in the hands of the residents as they had been notified.

“It is up to the residents living in houses that are built close to the roads to choose between safety and a good tarred road or to continue living in unsafe houses prone to accidents“, Mr Sakala cautioned.

Mr Sakala added that submissions had already been made to the Road Development Agency (RDA) regarding the earmarked roads whose works are to start soon.

“We have set a precedent in our constituency together with the Kanyama Member of Parliament who has been on hand to see to it that development comes to Kanyama,” he said.

Mr Sakala said that once the road project is complete it would help decongest the Los Angele Road which is heavily congested even before peak hours.

In 2014, the road development project saw the demolition of more than 12 properties that included shops and residential houses that were situated along Kafue Road.

The 950 metres-inner ring road started from Kafue Road and passed through Chibolya Compound under a project between government and JICA.

Owners of the properties were compensated with fees ranging from K25, 000 to K283, 000.

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