Civic leader fumes over stalled road works 

Fri, 23 Feb 2018 08:31:41 +0000

By Ketra Kalunga

STALLED works on the Itezhi Tezhi main road have resulted in the district almost being cut-off from the turn-off to Kayawe, a situation that has irked district council chairperson Steven Shalooba.

Mr Shalooba said the contractor had abandoned the works on the road which included the putting up of culverts from the turn-off to Kayawe area causing a bad drench around Kayawe area.

Speaking to the Daily Nation in an Interview, Mr Shalooba said the abandoning of the works had led to the road almost being cut off because of a drench that had been created in areas meant for the culverts that had been left unattended to.

“Our main road from the turn-off to Itezhi-Itezhi near Kayawe has been cut off because of a drench created as a result of the contractor’s failure to put up culverts even after the digging has been done,” said Mr Shalooba.

He said the district had since written to the Provincial Road Development Engineer (PRDE) to facilitate the coming of the contractor back on site for works to start.

Mr Shalooba said they would also write to the provincial road development engineer to find out why the works had stalled because it didn’t make sense for the contractor to abandon the works after cutting off the road.

” You can’t cut off the road and run away, so we will write to the PRDE so that the contractor can come back on site or tell us what they intend to do,” said Mr Shalooba.

And Mr Shalooba has disclosed that most of the feeder roads in the district had been washed away by the terrestrial rains being experienced in the country.

Mr Shalooba said as the district, they would source for a grader with the help from the provincial administration to mitigate the problem once the rain season was over.

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