Civil servants behind corruption

Mon, 29 Jan 2018 14:32:11 +0000


Civil servants compromising a combination of all the people regardless to political affiliation, says Zambia Republican party leader Wright Musoma has charged.

Mr Musoma said those who were saying the PF government was corrupt were not sincere because the government did not belong to PF alone.

He said it was not fair to apportion corruption to PF alone as if they were the only ones serving in government, noting even the cartel’s supporters were in those offices.

Mr Musoma said the Auditor General’s report was in public domain to ensure corrupt activities were brought to light.

 “And if President Lungu’s government was corrupt, surely who would have allowed the document to be in public?

“But now the report is in the public domain and if President Lungu was corrupt I am pretty sure the reports would have been hidden,” Mr Musoma said

What the people of Zambia must know was that civil servants in government were a combination of all the people regardless of their political affiliation.

 “Therefore corruption should not be apportioned to the PF only as if they are the only ones who are serving in government,” he said.

Mr Musoma said Zambians should not be misled by people who wanted power at any cost, insisting that those with proof of corruption must report to relevant institutions.

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