Confusion engulfs East PF

Sat, 26 Nov 2016 13:36:50 +0000

CONFUSION has continued to rock the ruling Patriotic Front in Eastern Province following calls for an election by some party officials in the province to elect a new provincial Chairman and executive members. Some party officials want the current provincial Chairman Andrew Lubusha to be removed from the position.

They have accused him of being incompetent and trying to break the party in Eastern Province and are demanding for an election. Earlier, Mr Lubusha charged that a rival businessman who was eyeing his position had hired guns to cause confusion in the party.

He said he was not moved by manoeuvers from disgruntled individuals who were paid to make noise because the current Executive mandate would expire in the year 2019 and that if elections were to be called today, he would still win. Speaking on behalf of the officials, however, Chadiza district Chairman John Ndlovu stated that no businessman had hired people to cause confusion in the party, but rather it was the party officials who were demanding for an election.

Mr. Ndlovu accused Mr Lubusha of failing to handle party issues in the province amicably and has instead resorted to suspending party officials in districts and replacing them with his people, which was against the PF constitution. Mr. Ndlovu said Mr. Lubusha’s incompetence and actions were likely to cause more harm and confusion in the party if no action such as an election was considered. “These confusions in the Province are of his own making together with his current committee. He has since suspended a lot of party officials in most of the districts who were duly elected into office by the masses and imposed on them leaders that he practically picked from the streets and not from the structures,” Mr. Ndlovu said.

“His incompetence to handle the party issues healthily has been the most prominent factor that has brought about these strained relations with his colleagues in the party, hence the call for the elections. Let’s hit the ballots so that he can also have a feel of what an election is when he is busy suspending people wrongly.” He said people wanted an election because they had lost confidence in the current provincial administration of the party.

“As a people from different walks of life and districts as well as being party members, we are only here for a good cause, and that is for justice to triumph over one man’s selfish motives. “From some of our reliable sources in the other districts it is also a well-known fact that districts like Sinda and Petauke  have pending suspensions yet to be carried out, worse still on the provincial committee itself,” he said.

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