Create a platform for dialogue – Andeleki told

Mon, 20 Aug 2012 16:57:32 +0000

Zambia’s multiparty democracy must be protected from the pervasive negative influences to ensure that peace and stability were maintained Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) executive director Mac Donald Chipenzi has said.

Government institutions, he added, should promote good governance in the country to protect the values and norms of democracy.

And Mr. Chipenzi has called on the Registrar of Societies to create a dialogue platform with its clients to share some of the challenges.

He said it was vital for the Registrar of Societies to appreciate the work, roles and relevance of the various institutions to reduce suspicions and bring about trust and a better understanding.

“The decision by the MMD and the department of the Registrar of Societies to amicably resolve the scuffle over the accrued statutory fees the former owed the latter is commendable and the best decision in the interest and protection of multiparty democracy in the country, and such a development brings honour and respect for each other’s role,” he said.

Mr. Chipenzi said the move has demonstrated that dialogue rather than confrontation was the best solution to any problem and advised that such should always be borne in mind that differences in opinions should not lead to imposition of punitive actions against the “weak” by the “strong”.

“Therefore, we strongly applaud the decision and recommend that for democracy to flourish in Zambia, political players and stakeholders should always pursue the path of dialogue and tolerance, instead of concentrating on insulting each other.”

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