Deal with issues, Sata urged

Sat, 22 Dec 2012 16:17:34 +0000

President Michael Sata must break his silence and explain why Zambians are facing several challenges despite his government promising to improve people’s welfare, a concerned citizen has said. Brebner Changala said it was time Mr Sata came out and faced the challenges the country was going through because his silence would lead the country to doom.

He observed that Mr Sata has kept quiet for too long when the country was experiencing massive Mealie meal shortages and a general increase in the prices of the several commodities.

Mr Changala said Mr Sata must stop shying away from the citizens who put him in office but instead should interact with them and hear their cries.

“We are wondering what is going on with our friend the President Mr Sata, that even in the presence of all these problems that are currently ravaging the country, he has opted to remain quiet and allow the situation to continue.” He said.

He said President Sata must realise that the confusion in his own party were also affecting Zambians because they are questioning the calibre of the party running the government and the affairs of this nation.” He said

“What is his position on the armyworms, the shortages of Mealie meal and the high prices of several goods in the country? What is he doing about the shortage of fuel in some parts of the country? Zambians want to know.

“President Michael Sata thinks he is doing justice to this country by governing it through Press Statements which are issued by his Press aide. Let me tell him that he has got it wrong; he can not run a government like this, for how long? Changala asked.

Changala said President Sata must address issues that have affected the people that put him in that office adding that the electorates did not put him there to sit and only to be seen during swearing in ceremonies.

He observed that it would not help for Mr Sata to just wait for his press aide to feed the nation with lies because it had been noticed that probably he has not been told the truth about the current affairs in the country.

He said that most PF members were worried and concerned about the squabbles that party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba had caused in the ruling party and in the nation as a whole.

“Zambians have realised that things were not going forward but backwards because Mr Sata has not provided governance in this nation” he said.

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