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Thu, 24 Jan 2013 07:54:32 +0000

The Patriotic Front Central Committee Members that defended Given
Lubinda and some within the Wynter led camp have begun an operation to
rise above opresion and impunity.

The resistance that Wynter and his team met yesterday was just a tip of
what is in store for the S.G. Members have stated that the cry from the
people of Zambia is loud and clear they claim they have been told by the
electorate to  get rid of Wynter or they will be gotten rid of

The issue of Lubinda has divided the party into two factions cementing
what the opposing faction said that Wynter is appointing people from
outside the party in order to hijack it because his camp is filled with
only those memebers that he has appointed and are thus loyal to him and
not the party or president Sata.


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