Dissolve MMD NEC

Sat, 25 Aug 2012 12:29:08 +0000

 MMD leadership in North Western province has called for the dissolution of the National Executive Committee (NEC) saying the move would improve people’s perception of the party.

And the leadership has also proposed that the filing in of nominations for the position of vice president of the party be suspended until divisions rocking the former ruling party were sorted out.

MMD provincial party secretary, Emmauel Chihili said that MMD risks going into extinction because of lack of sight and rigidness of the NEC leaders.

“We are aware that the issue of funding or lack of resources will be brought up but this should not be a scapegoat for allowing our leaders to continue making wrong decisions.

“During last year’s national convention, the position of vice president brought about divisions that certainly cost MMD the general elections. The idea of NEC members choosing a Vice president leaves much to be desired and has potential to disintegrate MMD further.” He said.

He urged all members facing charges against the law to be given a chance to exonerate themselves through all existing channels of justice.

He pointed out that the entire NEC be dissolved for allowing the party lose last year’s elections to pave way for a more viable team to be reconstituted.

“The MMD risks going into extinction if it allows individuals to make critical decisions without consultation. It is not the will of the people of Zambia or by virtue of being in opposition that the party will go in to extinction, but because of insightfulness and rigidness on part of our leaders.” He said.

He said the strength of the party was at the grassroots adding that even after losing elections to PF, NEC had continued to make decisions without consulting members.

Mr. Chihili said the rebranding of the MMD was well intended but would lose meaning if the same people that surrounded and misguided former President Rupiah Banda would champion the cause in its quest to prepare for its comeback.

“We welcome the decision to rebrand the MMD to get rid of perceived corrupt officials. But if the move will still be championed by those surrounded and misguided RB, the decision will not achieve the intended purpose” he said.

He said asking individual members (Liato) to relinquish their positions just because they were convicted and are appearing before the courts of law was dangerous and may prove suicidal if not well handled.

“Let’s bear in mind that we are all innocent until proven guilty. Once Subordinate Courts convict someone but they appeal against such convictions to Higher Courts, it means the status quo of innocence remains until the entire process is exhausted.” He said.

He said barring certain people from contesting for positions based on their convictions in court will have a negative effect on the party adding that the MMD lost in Luapula Province after admonishing Dr. Katele Kalumba prior to elections last year.

But party deputy national secretary Cheembe Nyangu said NEC can not dissolved by a position of one individual who felt aggrieved.

Mr Nyangu said as far as the party was concerned the NEC would only dissolve in the next four years and not when an individual felt offended.

He said Chihili’s case was not an issue that would be looked at by the party executive because the matter was not table the matter before the party.

“As a party we were only copied to after the letter was sent to the media and we believe the media will sort out his problems.

We know who is inciting him to do that and we know why they are doing it.

It is lack of understanding of issues, their grievances have nothing to do with the party and if Liato himself had obeyed what the party said why should others think the party executive should be dissolved?” said Nyangu.

He said it was not possible for the party to suspend the filing in of nominations for the position of vice president because their preferred candidates were not in a position to become the party’s vice president.

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