DNA cautions  PF on new  parties

Sun, 28 Jan 2018 09:29:25 +0000


THE PF government will be making a grave mistake if they tolerate new political parties which have been created for the sole purpose of creating acrimony in the country, the Zambian DNA has warned.

Zambian DNA spokesperson Spuki Mulemwa told the Sunday Nation yesterday that it was unfortunate that some newly formed opposition political parties seemed to have “taken the show” in creating confusion in the country by agitating for regime change long before the next election, a development he described as immature, irresponsible, and retrogressive.

Mr. Mulemwa said there was need for Government to arrest those who were plunging the country into a campaign mode by canvassing for support from Zambians while misleading them that elections would be held soon as this creates anxiety and uncertainty among citizens and the business sector.

“We cannot run a country where while those in power are trying their level best to enhance service delivery by initiating a robust national development programme, the opposition are scheming for regime change even when elections are still three years away. What is motivating them? Who is funding them?

Mr. Mulemwa charged that it was unfortunate that a bunch of disgruntled politicians had formed political parties with the sole purpose of insulting President Edgar Lungu while failing to spell out what they would do for Zambians if given an opportunity to lead the country.   

“It is unfortunate that some opposition political parties have recently been formed for the sole purpose of bringing the name of Republican President into disrepute and public ridicule. President Lungu must not even waste time responding to wild allegations of corruption and bad governance by the same political parties.

He said it was uncalled for that such political parties continued holding media briefings only to character-assassinate President Lungu, Cabinet ministers and threaten them with imprisonment once they formed Government.

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