Don’t blackmail Zambians

Wed, 16 Jan 2013 08:32:46 +0000

Justice Minister Wynter  Kabimba has been urged to  stop blackmailing and insulting the Tonga speaking people of Southern Province, UPND provincial secretary Winnerson Ng’uni, has said.

Mr. Ng’uni said that it was strange and surprising that Mr. Kabimba was now saying that he belonged to the bantu botatwe, a tribal grouping he had always accused of being tribal and non cooperative when it comes to working together.

He said that Mr. Kabimba should concentrate on resolving self made problems within the Patriotic Front (PF) rather than hoodwinking chiefs in the province about his origination.

“It is too soon for Mr. Kabimba to forget the insults he showered on the Tonga speaking people of this province. He is now telling chiefs that he is part of Southerners when he was the first person who started  calling Tongas names for voting for UPND during the 2011 general elections,” he said.

Mr. Ng’uni said that Mr. Kabimba should not be allowed to blackmail people in the region by claiming that he was in government to deliver development in the province.

“This Kabimba should concentrate on the problems he has  created in the PF rather than coming to Southern Province to claim his origination to the chiefs. It was only yesterday when Mr. Kabimba called the people of Southern Province all sort of names because of belonging to the opposition UPND. One wonders what he is talking about. He says he in government so that he can bring development to the province, what type of development is he talking about? He is blackmailing our chiefs,” he said.

He said that it was imperative for every leader whether in opposition or in government to be patriotic and considerate rather than being double tongued, adding that Mr. Kabimba had been misleading the people of Zambia by thinking that he was above all.

Mr. Ng’uni said Mr. Kabimba had done more harm than good to the people of Southern Province, adding that the PF and its leaders needed to apologize for insulting the Tongas.

 He said that Mr. Kabimba should reflect on the language used against supporters of the UPND.

“You see, it is imperative for every leader whether in opposition or in government to be patriotic and considerate. This is the only way we can build this nation. There is nothing good that Mr. Kabimba can tell the people of Southern Province. He has done more harm than good.

“As UPND, we advise him to reflect on the insults he poured  on those who support us especially the people of Southern Province. He has been accusing our supporters and our party of being tribal so what does he want now.”

Mr. Ng’uni accused Mr. Kabimba of frequenting Livingstone because of the by-election which was about to take place there, adding that the PF government had no programmes for the region.

He said that the people in the region should not be manipulated by the lies of the PF government.

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