Don’t throw garbage in sewers – Kapata

Tue, 11 Oct 2016 13:16:39 +0000

DESIST from throwing litter in sewers as the facilities are meant to benefit you, Mandevu Member of Parliament (MP) Jean Kapata has cautioned residents.

Ms Kapata said this during her tour and feasibility study over the weekend, trying to find a lasting solution to the continued sewer blockages in her constituency.

She cautioned residents to stop throwing litter in the sewer system as the facilities were there to serve them and they needed to look after the amenities carefully.

“You need to stop throwing litter in the sewer system as these facilities are meant for your benefit. There is need for everyone to take it upon themselves to guard these amenities jealously,” she said.

Ms Kapata, who is also Lands Minister, inspected the new Mandevu police post scheduled to be opened to the general public soon.

And area councillor, Teddy Mwaba, thanked Ms Kapata for her continued support to the ward and applauded the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) for responding to the call to reduce sewer problems in the ward.

Mr Mwaba said that he was inspired by the minister’s zeal to ensure that the people who voted for her received the best services and called on residents to take care of public facilities as they came at a huge cost.

And LWSC director of engineering Wilson Shane lauded the lawmaker and civic leaders for finding time to be part of the fact-finding team.Mr Shane pledged to work on the blocked sewers and assured the parliamentarian that it would be done within two weeks.Others who accompanied Ms Kapata included a combined team of Mandevu constituency staff and LWSC officials.

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