Expedite cases of expelled MPs – Musukwa

Sun, 18 Feb 2018 11:09:29 +0000


THE courts must expedite cases involving expelled Members of Parliament, a political commentator has charged.

Ntazana Musukwa’s sentiments comes following the current trend by some lawmakers to cling to the ruling party while propagating an opposition political party’s ideas.

Mr. Musukwa cited Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili as a case in point of someone who is clinging to the PF seat while working with the NDC after rushing to court to challenge his expulsion.

He said the current situation was as a result of loopholes that were contained in the constitution.

“Chishimba Kambwili raises an NDC symbol, yet he claims to be PF. If he is still PF, why is he working with and supporting the NDC? It is improper, deceptive and unacceptable. Mr. Kambwili should be NDC and if he is NDC, why is he clinging to Roan constituency seat which he won under the PF ticket?

He called on relevant authorities to accelerate the disposal of cases involving expelled Members of Parliament as a way of sealing loopholes such as the one Mr. Kambwili was taking advantage of and abusing.

“If Kambwili had morals and dignity, he would resign from the Roan seat not only because the party he claims to be a member of, the PF, rejected him through expulsion, but also that he now affiliates openly with the NDC.

However, not all of us have morals and no wonder courts exist to ensure justice for all. Mr. Kambwili launched the NDC, raises the NDC symbol, NDC members call him their leader and he accepts, he speaks against the PF and its leadership and so on, so it goes without doubt that Kambwili is NDC.

“In this regard, his claim that he is still PF is invalid, a lie and an act of crookedness of the worst kind.

“Kambwili’s continued stay in the National Assembly on the PF ticket is therefore uncalled for, unjust, immoral and seeks to defeat democracy and justice,” he charged.

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