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MOST business entities who have made financial and material pledges towards supporting the fight against Covid-19 have failed to fulfill their pledges” Kitwe District Health Management Team director George Mukupa has said.

Dr Mukupa said the district health team had in the recent past received a lot of financial and material pledges towards the fight against Covid-19, but most of those pledges have not been fulfilled.

Dr Mukupa was speaking at Kitwe Processing Limited when he received assorted items, among them face masks, hand sanitisers, hypochlorous acid, face shields, sprayers and two bales of blankets to help the district fight the Covid-19 in the city.

The donation was made by the companies under the Kitwe and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Kitwe Hindu Society which forms the Kitwe District Task Response to Covid-19.

Dr Mukupa said he was grateful that within two weeks of making a pledge, the business sector in Kitwe fulfilled its pledge.

He said a number of companies have made pledges towards supporting the fight against Covid-19, but they have failed to fulfill the pledge.

“As Kitwe district health team, I must say we are grateful for this gesture where you have fulfilled a pledge when those who made pledges a long time ago, have failed to fulfill the pledge. This is a good gesture and we ensure that it is put to good use.

“This is why I decided to come with my officers from stores and other departments to assure you that these items will be put to good use. Don’t worry.

“We are partners and we should complement each other’s efforts especially when fighting pandemics like Covid-19 which have not only claimed many lives, but, left big and small economies devastated,” Dr Mukupa said.

And speaking earlier, Kitwe and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Anthony Kabaghe said the taskforce was making a contribution because it believed that it had a role to play in the fight against the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Kabaghe said the Hindu community has been instrumental in fighting poverty, hunger, disease and other challenges like Covid-19 which have been adversely affecting the economies of various countries.

“We are here to make a presentation to the Kitwe Teaching Hospital as a Kitwe district task force response to Covid-19. The Hindu community and other members of the chamber have been doing this for a long time,” Mr Kabaghe said.

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