FDD resists Nawakwi’s third term schemes

Sat, 12 Nov 2016 13:29:36 +0000

EDITH Nawakwi has come under intense pressure to abort her schemes to amend the constitution of the Forum for Democracy and Development so that she can secure a third term as party president. Members of a faction calling for her impeachment were immediately suspended from the party following revelations that the FDD leader had started manoeuvres to amend the party constitution to pave way for her unconstitutional stay at the helm of the opposition party.

Subsequently, the FDD chairperson for legal and good governance, Happy Chongo, has questioned Ms Nawakwi’s motive in calling for a national policy committee meeting without informing him being the secretary of the committee.

In a statement obtained by the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr Chongo said the FDD constitution was founded on the premise of promoting democratic principles and the respect of the rule of law as well as the protection of human rights and freedoms, and as such, it should not be amended at the whims of individuals with the desire to remain in perpetual leadership.

He said the national policy meeting scheduled for today ─ at which it is believed the FDD constitution would be amended and formalise the suspension of members against Ms Nawakwi’s attempts to have a third term ─ was against the spirit of the party constitution. Mr Chongo said in as much as the FDD constitution provided for amendments, members that were opposed to such amendments should never be victimised for expressing their democratic rights and freedom of expression.

He explained that FDD members who were opposed to the amendment of the party constitution should not be seen as enemies of the party and be targeted for disciplinary action. He explained that the standing committee of the national policy committee comprised seven members to which according the FDD constitution, he as legal and governance chairperson should have been the one to issue a notice for today’s meeting.

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