Garden compound residents expose water scam

Fri, 16 Feb 2018 12:39:06 +0000


NO one is supposed to pay for water from the temporary water tank stands provided by Government, Ngwerere Ward 19 Councillor Adrian Banda has warned.

Mr. Banda’s comments come in the wake of numerous complaints from Garden compound residents that some people tasked to manage the water tanks were charging residents to access water.

Mr Banda told the Daily Nation yesterday that the water provided by the government following the cases of cholera, was meant to be free.

Some residents who spoke to the Daily Nation complained that they were being made to pay for the commodity which they were drawing from the tanks.

One of the residents, Mr Sunday Ngosa charged that some people managing the water tanks were cashing in from unsuspecting residents in the area.

But Mr Banda said he had received similar complaints and explained adding that he would follow up the matter.

“There are some residents who have opted to continue drawing water from their metres connected to their houses even myself and I am expected to pay but those drawing water from the tanks are not supposed to pay ,” he said.

The civic leader, said he would closely monitor the issue and engage relevant authorities to establish facts on the ground.

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