Given Lubinda is innocent

Mon, 14 Jan 2013 14:46:30 +0000

Lubinda, as a Lozi ,is being used as a guineapig in the larger campaign to hound out founder members of the Patriotic Front .

As a Lozi Mr Lubinda lacks a strong tribal base, to fight back.

Senanga MP Likando Mufalali has charged that those calling for Mr Lubinda to step down must stop persecuting and torturing the man just because he comes from Western Province which has proved to be a hot potato for the PF government.

Mr Mufalali said calling for Lubinda’s resignation will be prejudicial, adding that such behaviour showed true colours of the PF government’s failure to provide leadership to the country.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr Mufalali said such   actions by PF cadres were embarrassing especially that Mr Lubinda they were torturing was innocent.

Mr Mufalali said allegations against Mr Lubinda’s made a sad story and only demonstrated poor PF leadership which has failed to uphold the rule of law going by so many illegal actions taken by government.

He said it was sad to note that the PF government was intolerant to divergent views and will prosecute anyone at the slightest provocation, including its many supporters who put them in power.

“We are not surprised to see the happenings in the PF government because they had never been consistent in whatever they do. And we are aware that the issue of Lubinda did not start or be ended today, because he is a threat to those who have not achieved something, “he said.

He claimed that PF was a translucent government that did not want to listen to other views no matter how credible the advice may be.

“All that the PF condemned when they were in the opposition has become their darling. This level of intolerance in a democratic state is a wakeup call to all Zambians who believe in justice,” he said.

He accused the PF government of taking advantage of the weak law, especially on the public order Act, where they did not allow the voiceless to be heard.

Mr Mufalali said it was unfortunate that youths were used to threaten and disgrace their leader by organising fake meetings at pressure him into resigning.

“And the people fuelling all these allegations are not evening checking themselves, and if the PF leadership meant well, why should they allow such to happen, or is it his name which was not befitting in their party, we must know,” he said

Mr Lubinda was accused of working with the opposition and leaking information to the media.

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