Govt starts funding fish farmers

Wed, 05 Oct 2016 14:48:48 +0000

GOVERNMENT has started funding fish farmers in Ikelenge district of North Western Province to boost the aquaculture industry in the area.

In phase one of the project, over 38 fish farmers in Salujing’a area in Ikelenge district were expected to benefit from the project.

Ikelenge district agriculture coordinator, Malambo Mwale, said Government has engaged the Small Holder Agri-business Promotion Programme (SAPP) to help boost fish farming in the district.

He said 38 farmers had so far been funded a total of K65,000 to set up a community fingerlings production centre.

Mr. Mwale disclosed that the money was a revolving fund and more fish farmers were expected to benefit from the project.

He said a majority of fish farmers in the district had for a long time abandoned the venture due to the high cost of procuring fish seed from Kitwe but that the new programme through SAPP would  help resuscitate the industry.

Mr. Mwale said once a community fingerlings production centre was activated it would lower the cost of procuring fish seed as farmers would access fingerlings within the district.

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